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Custom Sunless Tanning

$30 Traditional 24-Hour Developer

$35 Rapid Developer (Rinse in 6-8 Hours)

Professional airbrush tanning by a certified spray tan technician

Your tan is created with the use of Norvell sunless tanning products and a high-pressure spray gun, ensuring a streak-free, even application, especially on hard to reach areas. 

Fear not, the ORANGE! You will love the color--with beautiful violet undertones

Session takes 10-15 minutes

Must stay dry for 24 hours to allow your tan to develop before rinsing 

Tan lasts 5 to 7 days and begins to fade as the top layer of the skin naturally exfoliates

  • Spray tan benefits:

Boost self-confidence and glow!

  • Great for special occasions, vacations, or a last minute tan

  • Even out imperfections, minimize the appearance of stretch marks & varicose veins.

  • Maintain a healthy, natural tan without the use of harmful UV rays

  • Quicker, easier alternative to use of tanning beds.

  • Achieve instant results. 

  • Accentuate your features and appear slimmer.

Tanning Tips

I recommend you get your spray tan at least 24 hours prior to your event. You will want to give the tan enough time to fully develop and rinse off the instant cosmetic bronzer before your event to avoid rubbing color off on your clothing. 

Spray tan is not meant to be worn out with cosmetic bronzer. Your final result will be AFTER you have showered.

If you're nervous about the color, do a trial run to ease your mind! I recommend you do this a couple weeks in advance so your spray tan is applied to fresh skin with no previous tan remaining.

Shave and exfoliate well the day before your tan. (Make sure to use an oil free exfoliant if you use a sugar/salt scrub). The skin continues to slough off after you exfoliate that’s why i recommend the day before. No oil, makeup, lotion, deodorant on your skin for your appointment. Wear loose fitting clothing to leave your appointment in. Bronzer from tanning solution does come out of clothing.

You will also want to wash your hair the day before or the day of your tan so that your first shower is just a quick, warm water rinse. After you have rinsed off the cosmetic bronzer for the first time (after letting it develop for 24 hours) you will want to keep your skin very moisturized. Dry skin is a spray tans worst enemy. 


Extra things you may want to consider:

Mani/pedi should be done before your tan. 

Wait 24 hours post tan to work out, use a sauna/whirlpool, or do any other activities that cause you to sweat. 

You will be given barrier cream for your nails, consider putting this on any areas of the body that are extremely dry. 


To read more about why showering 24 hours before your tan is important read on: 

I am sure you have heard, “Shower & shave right before your spray tan.” You do NOT want to do this right before your spray tan session!

Here’s why:

Doing so can result in a lighter tan and a patchy or streaky development. Many scrubs, exfoliants, soaps, hair conditioners, shampoo, shaving cream and other products leave an invisible film on the skin. This can affect the application of your tan and result in a patchy or streaky look. 


When you shower you are hydrating your skin. When you get a spray tan immediately after (even a few hours later) your skin will not absorb as much of the product since your skin is already hydrated! Anytime I see spray tan solution being repelled by my client’s skin it is because they showered right before their session.

Streaky legs? Chances are you shaved right before. Shaving creams and razors with moisturizing strips leave an invisible film blocking absorption. In some cases, you did not rinse long enough and some of the cosmetic bronzer did not rinse off, resulting in visible streaks. Do another quick rinse to see if this solves the issue.


Specks on your legs (in your pores)? -Chances are that you showered right before application. The hot water opened up your pores and it absorbed more of the bronzer pigment (Tip- before tanning do a very quick cold water rinse to close them up)


Tan came out very light?- Chances are that you showered right before and as discussed, your skin did not absorb much of the product.


Patchy Tan? – Chances are you showered or exfoliated right before and the product residue created a barrier which prevented product from being absorbed in certain areas. Or—you did not exfoliate at all and the skin was not an even canvas. (Read further below for more info on this)


Tan Faded Unevenly: This happens when you apply more spray tan on your body without scrubbing a previous one off first. Or you do not use the right aftercare products (cleansers) and a poor body moisturizer.

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