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Eyelash Extensions

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume 

Full Set: $185

Mega Volume: $220

Fill: $48 Mini Fill (Max 30 min.) $38

*based on how well in-tact your extensions are when you return

Mega Volume: Consult Required, price may vary

Application of a full set of lashes takes around 1.5-2 hours. Fill appointments are 45 minutes to one hour. One or more individual extensions are attached to one individual natural lash with special lash adhesive.  Lashes look natural, dark and full, eliminating a need for mascara. You choose desired length, curl, and fullness of your lashes. The life of your lash extensions depends on how well you care for them. Follow aftercare tips and you can expect your new lashes to last a few weeks. Extensions fall out with your natural lashes, as we all shed our lashes throughout a natural growth cycle. You can have your lashes filled and retouched when you choose. Clients typically return for a fill after 3 weeks.


Lash Extension Aftercare


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